INFINITY Facilities Management


The core activity here is providing Facilities Management services. It serves different type of assets; residential, commercial, industrial, educational, hotel and retail, health care, and governmental sectors.

Facilities Management is providing buildings with management themes by covering all disciplines. The shared goal of all parties involved in any Facilities Management process can be achieved by going through a proper plan and by then, targets can be reached and continuously raised.

SERVICES Management

Those field related services can be but not limited to the following mentioned areas. As mentioned earlier, INFINITY role is to fully support an entity to achieve its goals and objectives through running its support services. INFINITY is considered as the total back support wing which one can rely on.

Scope of Plan and Services

  1. Systems Responsibilities; Building base systems, Governmental authorities systems, Service providers, End users; tenants, visitors, etc…
  2. Manufacturer maintenance activities; Plant and machineries, Following
  3. Hard services activities; Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Civil Fabrics, Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning, Building Management System, Lifts & Cradle Systems, Fire Fighting, Emergency/Backup Generator, IT & other digital systems
  4. Soft Services activities; Security, Cleaning, Landscaping, Pest Control, Waste Management & Materials Recycling
  5. Building Enhancement & Upgrades; Technical, Non-technical, Mini projects, General refurbishments

Time Plan

  1. Minor Activities; Hourly & Daily, Weekly & Monthly
  2. Major Activities; Quarterly & Semi yearly, Yearly & as required

Cost Plan

  1. Contracts; Maintenance contracts, Direct & In-direct management, Utilities, Insurance.
  2. Non-contracts; Consumables & Accessories, Anticipated repairs, Building Enhancement & Upgrades

COMPUTERIZED Maintenance Management System – CMMS

Plan and Layouts

  1. Superimposing plans and layouts

  2. Linking plants and machineries to reporting stations


  1. On-site Live reports

  2. Remote Live reporting


  1. Log book for landlords, end-users, and service providers

  2. Status, follow up, and closing

ASSETS Evaluation and Assessment

Assets Condinational Survey

  1. Level 1: visual and functional survey

  2. Level 2: Scientific tests and technical measures

  3. Level 3: Experts check with deep details analysis

Plans and Layouts

  1. Drafting plans and layouts

  2. Developing proper sets of drawings

  3. Updating floor plans incorporating modifications

Assets Labeling

  1. Assets registry surveys / database

  2. Bar-coding / assets labeling

  3. Assets code reader and analyzer

HEALTH and Safety Programs


  1. General health and safety

  2. Technical fields

  3. Fire Management


  1. Initiatives and steps

  2. Policies and procedures

  3. Signage's


  1. Implementaions

  2. Spot checks, regular and irregular

  3. Regular basis audits and improvements

ENERGY and Utilities Management


  1. Previous utilities costs

  2. Costs distribution

  3. MEP Systems


  1. Initiatives, signage’s, and timings

  2. Policies and procedures

  3. Fields of savings


  1. Implementation

  2. Spot checks, regular and irregular

  3. Follow up, regular audits, and improvements

SPACE Management

  1. Built up and gross area evaluation and maximizing income generating areas

  2. Parking and deliveries areas

  3. Upgrades and added facilities

FIT-OUT Supervision

  1. Setting landlords policies and procedures

  2. Aligning with authorities rules and regulations

  3. On-site supervision and sub-consultancy