INFINITY Construction Services


Those field related services can be but not limited to the following mentioned areas. As mentioned earlier, INFINITY role is to fully support an entity to achieve its goals and objectives through running its support services. INFINITY is considered as the total back support wing which one can rely on.


Provides the following services

  1. HVAC installations
  2. Electromechanical Installation
  3. Fencing & Barbed wire Construction
  4. Steel erections construction
  5. Plumbing & Sanitary installation
  6. Flooring and wall tiling works
  1. Carpentry and flooring construction
  2. Insulation works
  3. Engraving, ornamentation, & wall paper works
  4. Plaster and cladding works
  5. Swimming pools installation
  6. Glass and aluminum installation
  7. Partitioning & False ceiling installation
  8. Electrical fitting and fixtures installation